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At last there's an Islamic clothing shop for you, gentlemen! My Qamis has been designed to meet all your expectations when it comes to qamis. This Muslim garment for men has developed considerably. We offer a wide range of cuts, fabrics and colours. A wide choice that we offer you today on this website, dedicated to the favourite garment of the Messenger of Allah!

My Qamis: who are we?

On the strength of our experience in the field of online sales, we have chosen to start selling clothes. But not just any clothes, and not just to anyone! Because this is not only the most beautiful garment in existence, but also the best community in the world. This men's Islamic garment is also known as a kamis, or a men's Muslim boubou.

It's a kind of long tunic that allows Muslims to dress in the most beautiful way. It covers the 'awra, the area of modesty for men, and complies with the conditions for legal clothing. Our boutique offers men's kamis and children's qamis, Muslim garments that have stood the test of time. And yet it has never gone out of fashion. And never will, in cha Allah!

Choice and quality in our Muslim boubou shop

In our Muslim shop, you'll find a wide choice of kamis. Choose the djellaba that's right for you, from a wide range of cuts. But also, according to several options!

  • The Emirati qamis: the classy, distinguished kamis in its raw state! Traditionally worn in the United Arab Emirates, this garment for Muslim men generally has long sleeves. Cut fairly straight and slim-fitting, it dresses the Muslim man in the best possible way.
  • The Saudi qamis: this 'men's abaya' is undoubtedly one of the best-selling men's djellabas! An essential classic, it can be worn with or without a collar.
  • The short qamis: also known as Pakistani kamis. Wear it with a men's sarouel, or with matching trousers!

Light or thicker fabric, with or without pockets, long or short sleeves... In the end, the choice is yours!

My Qamis: your shop!

Because we care about the image we project to our customers, it's important to us that our business doesn't stop at just selling this noble garment for men.

We also offer a selection of quality perfumes such as El Nabil. We take care of every aspect of the sale, from dispatch to after-sales service!

Don't hesitate to contact our online Islamic clothing shop if you have any questions. A size guide is available. With regard to the Sunnah, you should choose a men's djellaba that stops above the ankles.

Who wears the qamis?

The qamis is worn by men who want to hide their awra, but also to dress in the best possible way. Indeed, the Prophet ('alayhi salat wa salam) liked to wear this garment.

It is therefore Muslims who wear this male gandoura, particularly those who go to the mosque to pray.

We also see scholars and people of science who like to wear it on a daily basis.

Why wear a qamis?

This boubou can be worn on any occasion! It can be worn every day, at home and when praying.

But it can also be worn to go to the mosque or out and about.

What's more, depending on the model you choose, it's perfectly suited to a particular occasion. A jabador for a wedding, an aqiqa, or even for the feast of Aid.

This garment is worn every day, and can be accessorised in a variety of ways, depending on your tastes! Keffieh, babouches, agal: it's up to you to make this men's outfit your own!

What's the difference between a qamis and a djellaba?

It's true that these days, the qamis and the djellaba are garments whose names have become almost synonymous.

However, if we go back to the origins of the djellaba, this long tunic is a typically Moroccan garment. And one that is particularly emblematic of the red city of Marrakech.

In fact, this garment is still worn in the country, by men and even women. Obviously, the latter have their own cuts that stand out from the men's outfits.

The qamis is worn only by men. It refers to a garment worn by the Prophet ('alayhi salat wa salam). It is therefore part of a rather religious tradition.

Is the qamis a religious garment?

It's true that this is a recurring question, both within the Muslim community and among non-Muslims!

So, is the qamis a religious garment?

There is in fact a hadith about the favourite garment of the prophet ('alayhi salat wa salam). Here it is:

According to Umm Salama (may Allah be pleased with her), the garment that the Prophet (PBUH) liked the most was the qamis (Reported by Tirmidhi in his Sunnah n°1762 who authenticated it and it was also authenticated by Sheikh Albani in his correction of Sunnah Tirmidhi)

Therefore, we can say that this long tunic was worn by the Messenger of Allah. However, it is important to specify that this garment was worn by the people of that time. The kamis was therefore a customary garment.

On this subject, Sheikh Ibn Al Outheymin reminds us that: "The Sunnah is to wear what people used to wear as long as this garment is not forbidden. If it is forbidden, then it is obligatory to avoid it" (Charh Hilia Talib Al Ilm p 184)

In conclusion, we can say that we are indeed dealing with a prophetic garment. However, the sunna consists of wearing what people are used to wearing. Wa Allahu a'lem.