Musk Royal Gold 5ml - El Nabil


Olfactory notes:

Head: Jasmine
Heart: Rose, Vanilla, Gourmand
Base: Musk, Vanilla, Ambergris


Choose musk royal gold. This is a golden opportunity in your quest for an exceptional fragrance. This product is part of the collection that has propelled the El Nabil brand. It now occupies a top position in the French perfume industry. Its reputation, based on invaluable experience and expertise, means that its fragrances can now be found in a large number of online boutiques, such as My Qamis.

Who hasn't heard of musc royal gold?

This fragrance has a great reputation. Few brothers haven't had this wonderful fragrance at least once. Musc royal gold joins a huge collection of musks developed by the El Nabil brand.

They can be distinguished by their fabulous scent, but also by their packaging. Let yourself be carried away by 5 ml of an intense sensory experience you'll never forget. You can also count on the small size of this musk, making it absolutely portable. The roll-on applicator built into the vial makes it easy and clever to apply.

And as if that wasn't enough, this elixir is also available as an eau de parfum. So don't forget to splash out on el nabil royal gold 50ml. When you love something, you don't count!

Choose quality at a low price by placing your trust in the My Qamis and El Nabil association. Our professionalism has led us to select the best products available on the market. Dress and perfume yourself as you wish, in accordance with the Koran and the Sunna of the Messenger of Allah.

Don't forget, gentlemen, to sublimate your appearance with this perfume by El Nabil just after putting on a gandoura djellaba marocaine luxe crème sfifa grenat. Your neighbour will be delighted to rub shoulders with you during prayer.

More details to whet your appetite

Embody elegance at its best, without being extravagant? It's now available, as long as you go to my-qamis.com. Let's take a moment to dissect the olfactory pyramid of musc royal gold, which many of our customers love.

The top note, known for giving the first impression, includes Jasmine, a flower that is a must-have in the world of perfumery. The combination of gourmand vanilla and rose is found in the heart note. Vanilla, ambergris and musk close the circle, forming the base note.

As you can see, this is a luxurious olfactory pyramid that hides its secrets well. Lovers of soft, sweet fragrances will also be seduced by Oud Mood by Lattafa. This product is currently a resounding success.

A unisex fragrance that won't make anyone jealous

Musc royal gold is a unisex fragr ance that will appeal to both men and women. Let's not forget that Islam prohibits women from using perfume outdoors. Nevertheless, ladies, you can enjoy this sublime fragrance at home. So make the most of it!


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Musk Royal Gold 5ml - El Nabil