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Also known as miswak, araq stick or souek, siwak is the root of a shrub found in the Middle East. Its use dates back to the dawn of time. Then Islam brought it to light, particularly the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Without further ado, discover the benefits of this natural toothbrush whose merits were praised by the Messenger of Allah.

Do you know what a siwak stick is?

This natural product comes from a small tree known as Salvadora persica. To extract the siwak, you have to reach the roots of the tree by digging into the ground. In this way, you can harvest fairly thin but solid sticks.

Once the roots have been reached, the sticks are methodically cut and re-cut to obtain sticks of around 10 cm. They are then cleaned. Finally, they are packed in airtight bags to make them practical and prolong their life.

Siwak is mainly used by Muslims, who are well aware of its invaluable benefits. In India too, this natural product is widely used, as well as in the Maghreb, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

This accessory is an essential part of oral hygiene. In fact, theWHO recommended its use as long ago as 1986, before reiterating its recommendation in 2000. What's more, an American study conducted in 2003 proved the effectiveness of siwek over a conventional toothbrush.

From an aesthetic point of view, miswak takes the form of a stem. It is surrounded by a thin bark that protects the inside from microbes. The many fibres, which are also present, act as "toothbrush bristles". They contain substances that are essential for oral hygiene.

The benefits of this natural toothbrush in a nutshell

Use siwak to brush your teeth and enjoy its many benefits. We recommend regular use of this 100% natural product.

Its main aim is to improve your oral health , just like vegetable charcoal ! As well as being an eco-friendly toothbrush, this product is also economical. Brushing your teeth with a siwek helps you to :

Fight plaque.

The presence of mineral salts helps to strengthen tooth enamel.

Strengthen your gums and prevent bleeding.

Give your teeth a certain shine, as well as making them white.

Benefit from its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.

Fight bad breath.

Aids digestion.

Prevent cavities.

And much more besides.

In addition to the various benefits mentioned above, siwak offers incredible value for money. It's a natural product that's both economical and very inexpensive. What's more, you don't need to buy toothpaste to use it. Practical, you might say!

Once you've used the tip of your siwak once, simply cut it off and use it again.

Instructions for use

All you have to do is remove 1 to 2 cm of bark to get at the fibres. Then chew the fibres to make the filaments supple, like a conventional toothbrush.

Siwak has a pungent, spicy taste. While some people may be bothered by this, it should be remembered that it is not at all harmful to health.


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100% natural siwak